The Management and Staff of Lawlor Pest Control are grateful to clients who have written over the years, expressing their satisfaction with the service received.  The following are some extracts from their letters. We guarantee the letters are genuine, and the originals can be viewed at our Richmond Office, with agreement of the clients concerned.

Our client’s privacy is always protected and respected.

White Ant Testimonial letters

Thank you for your rapid response and excellent service with the recent treatment of white ants at our property. Chris Lawlor's knowledge and experience in how best to treat the termites was very re-assuring. Reg who carried out the treatment was extremely thorough and proficient.

We very much appreciated being able to pay the treatment cost over 3 months during this time of difficult financial affordability. Thank you again for your great service.

Paul & Sue

Hi Robyn,

Many thanks for your letter and receipt received recently. I've been dealing with house maintenance and tradesmen for 14 years now. Some best forgotten - but others remembered for all the right reasons! Lawlor's is one. When I suspected termite activity I phoned other companies but their main concern was telling me how much an inspection would cost. Lawlor's were last on my list. Steven Lawlor came and checked the area of concern, took the time to explain the treatment, gave me a no obligation quote, all of this with no charge. I knew they were the company for me - and the rest is history! This note is for you. I could have written more in the "official" letter but that is really for you and Matthew and your bosses...

In this day and age of booking online, posting reviews (and anyone can do that, good or bad and are they true?), A.I. - I fear we are losing the personal touch, the ability to physically interact and wonder about the consequences in years to come.

Robyn, thank you for your kind wishes, it's always a pleasure talking with you on the phone. My best wishes to you and yours as well.


This letter is long overdue. I simply want to say thank you for your greatly appreciated service. From the moment the phone is answered by a real person to the care and attention given by the technician checking it I know I am in the hands of caring and professional people. Nearly ten years later this hasn't changed, I know my property is safe.

I would of course unreservedly recommend Lawlor's to anyone who asks.



I was impressed with Chris Lawlor who did the initial inspection. Also, most satisfied with Peter who did the work for termites on my property. Exceptional old fashion service that is rarely seen today. I highly recommend Lawlor’s.

Daniela of Plympton


I was very impressed with the thank you letter I received and wanted to express my gratitude.

I also wish to thank Peter and Matthew for the excellent job they did with treating both my houses.

Both were thorough in their work and very professional.

Langley of Hawthorne


We used Lawlor's for the first time in 2003. I thought I would now leave some comments regarding the white ant treatment we had done in November 2021. With an initial inspection by Chris Lawlor, we decided to go ahead with the treatment even though no white ants were found in the house. Chris' inspection of the house and surrounds can only be described as fantastic and very professional; he checked everywhere, tapping door frames, skirting boards, exposed ceiling beams, inside built-in wardrobes, used a meter to check for any activity in the walls and checked the roof space - nothing was left to chance. He then checked the garden area and wood shed. The technician who did the treatment the following week was equally as proficient (I must apologise for not remembering his name!). After checking the house and surrounds again, he began his treatment. He was very clean and thorough in his work practices, leaving no mess whatsoever on completion of the treatment. I can't recommend Lawlor's enough; the office staff are polite, and the inspectors and technicians are very proficient in their work skills. Thank you once again.

December 2021

Positive: Professionalism, Responsiveness, Value

There are not a lot of real honest businesses out there anymore. Lawlor's are honest and gave me the best recommendation for my termite barrier that was put in. If anyone is searching all these reviews for best termite treatment give these guys a go. The price is very competitive. I never review businesses, take this as an extremely good recommendation.

Allan H.

November 2021

I’m extremely pleased to report, and not surprised, that Peter was fantastic! He was spot on time, very approachable and gave us excellent ‘down to earth’ customer service. The job appeared to be done very thoroughly (I’m no expert!), he was tidy, cleaned up completely afterwards and explained every step he was doing and the reasoning behind his approach. 
As you know, we needed access on the neighbours side. Due to the neighbour working, she sent her Mother over to open up for us. Opposed to simply ‘doing the job’ in his own time, Peter was so thoughtful that he did her side first and finished it all up so her elderly Mother could leave as soon as possible. He did many of these ‘extra’ courtesy type things that seem to have been lost over the years in ‘service’. This is the whole reason Felicity’s Father passed you down to his next generation.
Again, thank you for your services. It was a pleasure to meet you for the initial consultation and have Peter do our job. We look forward to working with you on our ‘pest inspection’ schedule for many years to come. 
Toby and Felicity, Seaton.

April 2021 

When I noticed “soft’ spots in my lounge carpet I had that horrible sinking feeling what it meant – termites. Freaking out I immediately rang Lawlor Pest Control – it was the day Adelaide had a record temperature of over 46C – I was told someone would be out that day – and despite the heatwave Chris Lawlor arrived within a couple of hours. Unfortunately I was right - it was termites. Chris checked out my house thoroughly, explained in detail what they would do and gave me a quote on the spot with a date when the treatment could be done. It was nearly four weeks away before they could get to my place. My imagination ran riot I visualised those little critters eating the entire house in that time.

A few days later I rang Lawlor’s office and asked if I could be put on a waiting list for any cancellations they may have. Within the week they rang with a cancellation for the next day. I grabbed it. The technician was to start at 8.30 – at 8 I had a call from him to apologise that he would be running half-an-hour late (how often do you get THAT) Promptly, at 9, he arrived. It took him about six hours to pull up carpets, cut trap doors and drill holes in concrete but he left the place spotless – you would not have known he had been there -I hope the termites did! Lawlor is a family company that has gone from grandfather to grandson – I cannot recommend them highly enough – they offer true-blue old-fashioned service at a very reasonable price but I hope I don’t have to use them again!

Joy, Broadview

February 2019

I can thoroughly recommend Lawlor’s Pest Control for the treatment of white ants.  The initial inspector from Lawlor’s was extremely professional, pleasant to deal with, and extremely experienced with his inspection of my home.

On treatment day, a gentleman named Peter arrived and  I found Peter to be a very knowledgeable, affable gentleman.  He was professional and the most hard working man I have witnessed in a long time.  He worked continuously from early morning until late afternoon in treating my home for white ants . My son and I know my home was thoroughly treated and I can rest assured knowing Peter from Lawlor’s Pest Control,  has secured my home from white ant infestation.

Claire K, Fulham Gardens

Thanks again to the Lawlor’s Team and Wayne for the Continued AAA Service.

Judy and Robert Bird, Christies Beach

November 2015

Attention: Brian Lawlor

Just wanted to put in writing my appreciation and thanks for the service your company offers.

They say it takes a village to raise a child well, but it can also be said that it takes a whole company staff to run a successful business and you have the winning formula! My initial and follow up phone contacts with Margaret, Robyn and Janet certainly confirm your reference to ‘polite’, friendly and helpful’ office staff.

Steven, who did the initial evaluation, was professional and knowledgeable, his wealth of experience in the field evident. If felt that I was being personally looked after and confident that Steven was offering the best solutions for my particular home situation. Vlad and his assistant John worked so hard yesterday. They were friendly, considerate and showed such care and expertise in removing and replacing timber flooring. They both did an amazing clean up job, even mopping floors! And offering to replace furniture.

I feel confident in continuing to work with your company in all future monitoring and pest control.

Kind Regards


I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you and Wayne on the service that you have both provided. I have found you both a pleasure to deal with. I would also like to take this opportunity to commend Wayne on the work he carried out on my property. He worked extremely hard throughout the day and seemed very knowledgeable about his work. It is people like Wayne that create great value for organizations and I hope he is well regarded and rewarded within your company.

Many Thanks,

Mr P Gardiner, Mile End

Dear Sirs,

After recently discovering evidence of white ants in our home, we were extremely satisfied with the service provided by your people and company.

A worrying and difficult time was transformed when we were instilled with confidence and relief, through the professional and knowledgeable approach by both the people we dealt with. Both Steven, in the initial consultation, and the technician, Chris showed a friendly and polite manner, being considerate of our needs. Chris' approach to his work is a credit to the ethos of the company.

We will certainly be recommending your company to friends and people we know who require your services.

Thank you for your professional service and prompt attention to the treatment of our property.

Yours sincerely,

St Marys
February 2013

Dear Sir/Madam

I wish to express my thanks to your company for the inspection and treatment to the above property.
Chris Lawlor who did the orignal inspection was very efficient and extremely friendly. He explained all there was to know about termites which will be very useful in helping further protect my property.

Vlad Lomen who carried out the treatment was fantastic. Like Chris he too was extremely friendly and polite and went about the treatment in a professional way. Whatever holes were drilled were filled in after and what furniture was moved was put back again. He left the property very tidy.

His work ethic was better than excellent. Whilst doing the internal inspection he was very considerate asking permission before entering rooms and opening cupboards etc.

lt's great seeing two people enjoying the work that they are in. Both are a credit to the company. Please pass on my thanks to both Chris & Vlad for a superior job.

The only regret l have is that I didn't seek Lawlor's advice earlier. I will certainly be recommending Lawlors to others.

Kind regards,

Morphett Vale SA 5162
December 2011

I would like to acknowledge the courteous and professional manner in which Russell carried out his examination, discovery and treatment of our termite problem. His work left a good impression of the standards of your company which we have been associated with for 43 years.

Yours sincerely,

Rose Park SA 5067
July 2011

I would like to express my pleasure in dealing with your company. From my first contact with the receptionist, yourself and Matthew your company displayed a professional, friendly, informative business which to me explains why Lawlors have been over 70 years in pest control.

My past dealings with a pest control company did leave me a little skeptical but you certainly set both my wife and my mind at ease with your thoroughness and informative quote and then followed up with Matthew who performed his task in a very professional, tradesman like manner. With technicians like Matthew, Lawlors can look forward to many more years of successful trading.

Thank you again and I will definitately have Lawlors follow up with inspections plus have no hesitation in recommending your company to my family and friends.

Yours sincerely,

Parafield Gardens SA 5107
November 2010

I'd like to thank your technician for a job well done, and for his courteous approach. He moved things and retuned them to their original places without complaint and cleaned up after himself. I was impressed and very grateful. He was the most well mannered tradesman I've ever had work in my home.

Thank you!

Parafield Gardens
January 2009

Just a short note to express our appreciation for the professionalism shown by your operator when he treated our house for white ants the other day. His apparent knowledge and manner gave us full confidence that the job would be well done with the minimum of inconvenience and fuss.
After treatment and upon our return home, it was almost impossible to detect that anyone had been in the house.

Well done Lawlors!

West Lakes
September 2003

Dear Sir,

Please find enclosed here-with our cheque for the inspection of our premises yesterday.
May I also add that both my wife and myself were very impressed with the young man who represented your firm, he was most courteous in carrying out his duties and his obvious keen attitude and help he passed on to us.

Yours Sincerely,

December 2000

Dear Sir,

Just a few lines to tell you how delighted we were with the service received from your Technician.
He was totally committed to doing a good job, and that was obvious, furthermore he left the house as tidy etc, as it was when he commenced.
He made a very traumatic experience a lot easier than could be expected.

Many Thanks
Happy Valley
October 2000

Dear Staff at Lawlors

I am writing to express my appreciation for your help when I had problems with wasp nests. Although it was the holiday season you went out of your way to give advice and arrange for someone to call.
The nests were treated on Sunday 24th December. The person who completed the job was officially on holiday, but nonetheless found time to eradicate the nests efficiently and cheerfully.
Thank you again for your wonderful customer service.

Yours Sincerely

December 2007

To Whom it May Concern,

This note is to express my appreciation of the efficiency and courtesy shown by your service man in his yearly white ant inspection of my property a few days ago.
In this day and age, maybe not enough “thank you’s” are expressed when deserved, therefore this note is meant to encourage both of you, and your service man personally, with my very best wishes for the future.


June 2001

Dear Sirs,

We were most impressed with the professionalism of your Representative who did the inspection/quote.
Excellent and accurate information and great attention to detail.
The same excellence and 1st class approach was displayed by the treatment person. I will certainly recommend you highly, the other 2 quotes I got did not come anywhere near you in standard of service and information, no doubt this would also have extended to the actual job done.

Many thanks,

August 2006

Very happy with your technician's work, always does a thorough job.

Flagstaff Hill
August, 2008

Good afternoon.

We have just had our annual inspection undertaken by Peter McArthur.

We wish to express our appreciation not only for a job apparently well done, but also for his cooperative attitude and friendly nature.  The manner in which he goes about his inspection gives us great confidence in him and your organisation.

Thank you

Jonathan Magraith


Thank you
We have been fortunate to receive many more letters over the years similar to these. Thank you once again to the clients who took the time to write, and thank you for reading and considering them.