Thermal Imaging

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Lawlor Pest Control have always been at the forefront in detection technology. In 1952 Les Lawlor invented the first wireless device to locate active termites through the faint sounds they make when moving. Although now superseded this wireless detector is still in working order and remains in our archives.

Moisture Meters have also been in use for some years. Active termites keep their workings damp, and these sensitive meters detect their presence by locating the moist areas.

thermal01Thermal Imaging Cameras are the latest tool to aid the detection of hidden termites in wall, floor, and ceiling cavities. They do not see through walls and give pictures of moving termites as some advertising suggests.

The Cameras are not x-ray cameras, they work by picking up radiated electromagnetic energy from surfaces in the infra red range of the electromagnetic spectrum. The different levels of energy create a thermal image or pattern on the camera screen and a qualified Technician can analyse the image to detect the possible presence of active termites from the radiated energy they produce as shown on the screen.

Moisture Meters, and Thermal Image Cameras do not provide positive confirmation of active termite presence, they give strong indication the pests may be hidden beneath the surface. Having located where the pests may be active, it is then necessary to confirm their presence, or find another cause for the different moisture or temperature reading by further investigation.

We do this by looking beneath the surface with a boroscope, or small closed circuit T.V. camera.

Our Thermal Pest Cameras are also useful in locating other pests such as rats and possums, nesting concealed within the building structure. All our Technicians hold a Certificate of Competence in Thermal Imaging for Pest Detection.

Thermal Imaging Cameras, Moisture Meters, Boroscopes, Closed Circuit T.V. Cameras, etc are the advanced tools of trade which aid the eyes of Technicians. Not all these tools are used in every situation.

In many instances the infestation, location and damage, is readily apparent to our Technicians from the surface evidence such as mud packing of crevices, distortion of surfaces, or minute flight holes, all obvious to the experienced eye under strong torch light.

Whatever the situation you can rely on your Lawlor Pest Control Technician having the knowledge, training, experience, and equipment to solve the problem and protect you, your family and your property.