Termite Services

What are Termites?

whiteants0There are a number of categories and species of termites (white ants) distributed throughout Australia. The main species which cause such devastating damage to homes and other buildings are Subterranean, which invade structures from tunnels they create to travel underground, and from there up into timbers and other cellulose containing materials.

They enter either directly, from under concrete raft footings (slabs), through penetrations such as adjacent waste pipes, cracks in the concrete itself, or by building mud like shelter tubes up the side of strip footings to gain access to wooden floors and other timbers above.

Once established and feeding on the timbers, they travel constantly back and forth concealed from sight underground through their tubes and tunnels to their nest, which is underground, or within a tree. They eat timber from the inside to the outer face, and it is only the shell of the timber that is left when the homeowner discovers the damage. This ability to keep their activities concealed until major damage is caused is what makes termites such a destructive pest.

To ensure their major natural enemy black ants, cannot enter their workings and to retain temperature and moisture, termites close any cracks or crevices in their feeding site with what looks like mud, behind an architrave or along the top of a skirting board, where it is seen by the home owner and fortunately often gives an earlier warning of their presence.

The most destructive and commonly encountered termite species damaging homes in the Adelaide Metropolitan area and near country towns is Coptotermes Acinaciformis.

Once each year, usually on a still humid night in early summer, the reproductive caste of this species which have wings and are called alates, will swarm from small openings in an infested tree trunk or timbers and wall linings within a home, and this activity also brings the infestation to the notice of the homeowner.

If you observe any of the foregoing signs of infestation, or anything at all that causes you to suspect your home is under attack from termites, consult a qualified and Licensed Pest Management Technician.

Don’t start ripping out timbers, spraying with fly spray, or pouring kerosene on the site, just leave well alone or cover up whatever you have discovered and wait to receive professional advice.

A day or two waiting for an expert inspection and treatment recommendations will make no difference to what is required or the cost.

How Lawlor's Termite Services can help you

boroscopeA pest control treatment or system is only as good as the follow up maintenance service that comes with it. Lawlor's have a proven track record of continuous safe service without fail over many years and plan to be delivering that service for many more.

Our qualified SA Government Licensed Technicians service all Adelaide suburbs and near country areas. As an independent pest control company we are not restricted to offering particular brands of treatment or systems. We have every proven safe brand and system available, which enables us to recommend the treatment which is going to be of most benefit to you.

We take pride in our work and apply the most advanced safe barrier and baiting systems. Sprayview closed circuit TV and boroscope equipment is used to access difficult areas, with the latest detection equipment locating hidden infestation.

Our advice and quotations are available to you free of charge and at convenient times. When you call you will be immediately attended to by a polite, helpful real person, not an answering machine or automated answering system. As a family company, since 1938, we recognise the benefit of the personal touch and we believe that this flows on through every aspect of our business.

Our phones are manned 24-hours every day and we guarantee to keep all appointments. Please call us now - we are ready to help you.

Termite Services

termite damage01Our range of services includes:

  • Free survey and quotation;
  • Termite Inspection and written report;
  • Annual maintenance service.
Survey and Quotation

If you have discovered or are concerned at the possibility of white ant/termite infestation, we offer a free of charge, by appointment, survey and quotation service.

The survey of your property is of sufficient detail to be able to make treatment recommendations and calculate accurate treatment costs.

Lawlor's can help with white ant/termite treatment

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Termite Inspection and Written Report

This service is provided to clients who have not discovered evidence of infestation, but are concerned at the possibility termites may be active somewhere on their property and require a qualified pest management technician to investigate and put their mind at ease.

The inspection is a visual and instrument surface examination of all readily accessible areas within the residence, plus outbuildings, trees and fences, but does not involve lifting of floor coverings or cutting any access openings. A detailed report is provided.

This service usually costs our clients about $200.00 depending on the work involved and location. We can quote a firm price in response to your telephone enquiry.

Lawlor's can inspect your property for signs of white ant/termite activity

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Annual Maintenance Service

termite damage03For those properties we have treated with a complete white ant/ termite barrier system, we provide guaranteed annual maintenance service.

For the one annual charge we provide a complete inspection and treatment as may be required at yearly intervals.

Should you discover a problem between inspections we are always on call to respond and if necessary provide further treatment.

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